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Russell Simmons Steps Down, Issues Public Apology



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    loch121 wrote: »
    "Thank you all for coming out 🤬 bless you GOODNIGHT ..."

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    Turfaholic wrote: »
    Terry gotta be laughing his ass off right now

    🤬 that big 🤬 might be finished out there

    Nah. They put him on Good Morning America. They let him spread his word. While Monique has disappeared. I doubt Terry done. His YouTube channel is supposedly popular too.

    Let me know bout his next movie
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    blackrain wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    Seems like you're ignoring some things too, but I can't say I'm surprised.

    Let's take cases of minorities lying about hate crimes. Does that select few negate the majority of claims that have merit?

    Don't be such a man. These men accused are drowning in power and ego. It's totally believable that they have abused it through the years.

    If I was a man in that position, and some broad from 20-30 years ago pops up like "he rubbed my leg while he was driving me to work at Mc Jack in the King Jr's" I'mma be like "prove it". Even if I know full well that I did it, prove that 🤬 . If you ain't got proof, we ain't got 🤬 to discuss and I ain't explaining a 🤬 damned thing to the media either.

    That's where all these dudes went wrong. They're outchea holding press conferences and 🤬 , issuing apologies and alladat... Nah b, you come with some proof that I did that 🤬 otherwise shut the 🤬 up and keep it moving.

    In this climate that type of defiance can hurt your company more than simply admitting guilt

    How? I'll speak to one reporter a single time only to say "That never happened", drop the mic and walk away. If the broad insists and keeps flappin her gums I'mma hit her with a defamation of character lawsuit 'cause I KNOW she has no evidence, especially if it happened back in the technological dark ages of the 80's and 90's. A good law team will have HER issuing a public apology to me and puttin bread in my pockets.

    Yeah its not that simple

    Yet we have a president that was recorded saying everything celebs are getting persecuted for. Yeah....it is that simple.

    1. He's also a white man
    2. He's a rich white man....which meant plenty of people, some black folks included were ready to jump to his defense.
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    7figz wrote: »
    I'd be leary as 🤬 to be a celebrity right now. Wouldn't trust being around not one 🤬 . MFs gonna have to start walking around with 24hr GoPros on their head to prove they ain't do 🤬 .
    Mister B. wrote: »
    I'm telling you, the only way dudes are gonna survive this era is to just start curving the 🤬 out of females, especially in the workplace. Nothing but handshakes and professional talk. ZERO else. Because damn near EVERYTHING is seen as 'harassment' now.

    That's how I'm treating this 🤬 from here on out. Only family gets hugs. Every other female - in and out of work - getting the 3-foot bubble like Mr. Bean:


    You won't get me.
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    Yea im pretty sure a lot of these rich guys with better resources than your average joes can ever attain, who have multiple lawyers on deck, were consulted and advised the course of action they took (admitting guilt). Which can only mean there is either real evidence or fear of others coming out which all boils down to: guilty as 🤬 and knowing it