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Berlin ranked #1 for Real Estate in 2017 by PwC

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Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe is a trends and forecast publication now in its 13th edition produced by PwC.

The report is widely seen as an authoritative source of information in the real estate industry worldwide, surveying over 700 industry experts in the creation of the report.
Berlin #1 in City Rankings 2017

For 2017 Berlin is ranked #1 for Real Estate in Europe, for the 3rd year in a row. According to the report, four out of the top five leading cities for overall investment and development prospects in 2017 are located in Germany, reinforcing the country’s role as the new haven for capital in Europe.

“Germany replaces the UK as Europe’s Number 1 safe haven”


Berlin: Gateway to Europe

Industry leaders agree that Berlin is a city full of opportunity, with a still underdeveloped real estate sector. The housing demand continues to be strong, with an estimated 60,000 newcomers arriving in Berlin in 2016. The city is becoming more international, with a healthy jobs market and a trendy reputation. Unemployment is at a historic low in the city, meaning more disposable income to enjoy Berlin’s growing cosmopolitan lifestyle.

“Berlin is now established alongside London and Paris as a large, highly liquid real estate market with truly global appeal.”
Opportunities for Germany post-Brexit

PwC confirms that Berlin is a particularly attractive location for real estate investment in Europe, with a strong positive migration, upward growth in business and technology fields and stable property yields. Only 21% of survey responders think Brexit will have negative impacts on property values and transactions in rest of Europe. It is very likely that some equity planned for the UK will now switch to Germany post-Brexit.

“Germany is by far the most popular destination in Europe now. Post-Brexit, it is now only 20 percent lower than the UK in investment volumes, according to Real Capital Analytics.”
New market trends looking to 2030

Is it time to rethink real estate? PwC survey respondents predict a significant change in the industry over the next 15 years. The sharing economy is changing the real estate industry from its core, where real estate as an asset is transforming into real estate as a service. Furthermore, urbanites are demanding housing options that offer more services at competitive prices without the burden of car-ownership.

“We are moving from smart homes to smart offices to smart cities and megacities. We’ll start seeing a different attitude to size and space. Micro-living is coming”
More market insights

In Berlin, both housing and offices are hot markets. Some other top categories for real estate investment this year are hotels, student housing, retirement homes and healthcare. Student housing in particular is destined to be the leading European real estate investment prospect in 2017.

“Berlin is a big city where we will see most growth over the next 10 years.”

While prices are growing steeply, buyers are prepared to pay well for property in a rising market. There is still significant room for growth in rental rates and the potential to increase yields in the future. The current economic environment with low interest rates and low inflation continues to be advantageous in attracting investors to the European property market and opportunities in Berlin.