What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Conways GOAT Album drop this Thursday!

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Xmas comes early! This Thurs we present you... G.O.A.T. Grimiest Of All Time!!! The hardest beats and the illest lyrics i promise you!! Not the other fake 🤬 , the REAL G.O.A.T!!! Swipe left for tracklist! 


  • Tommy bilfiger
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    I don't see '94 ghost 🤬 :rage:

    edit hoping it was renamed to trump, cuz alchemist produced '94 ghost 🤬
  • achewon87
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    Going to be the last real classic to drop in the IC era...
  • Built 4 cuban linx
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    Conway my favorite out of them all. No disrespect to westside and benny.....I'm ready
  • O.G.
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    Bishop shot Steel
  • lordstanley
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    Ooooooooh 🤬 !!!!
  • *~queenbee~*
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    Somebody hit my inbox when it drops!
  • Tommy bilfiger
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    Album out, check conways instagram(comments) for a link or GxFR souncloud. Griselda with another woat roll out
  • achewon87
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    Got it on my phone...

  • KneeGro_DuperMan
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    I had the soundcloud link but then it turned into a 425 mb download. Have no idea what happened there. And thats too much for 10 tracks. The copy i got is a little 🤬 up tho. Tracks be skipping like I'm running with a cd player. Hope its just the copy & not how it is.

    I know one thing tho...you put GOAT & the original tracks from his Steroids tapes on shuffle, that's some hardbody 🤬 right there
  • water ur seeds
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    On Conway's website you can buy it on CD, which is awesome, first time I can actually put a GxFR CD in my CD player haha wish I could buy all the GxFR releases...
  • Tommy bilfiger
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    I'm tight '94 ghost 🤬 aint on here. I been patiently waiting 6 months for a cdq I'm mad but at the same time feelin all sad

    But I 🤬 wit this goat intro those drums sound crisp in the whip
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