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Burden of Proof, Benny the Butcher

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Griselda on deck

I keep hearing how flames this new Benny the Butcher album is...Freddie Gibbs is on it, as well as Ross. Thoughts?


  • Lou Cypher
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    I havent given it a very solid listen, just had it playing while i was cruising and playing. Sounded good but it wasnt my main focus.

    I love the Griselda artists, and love the consistency, but I wish they would make a little more versatile albums lol. The albums are great but its always the same subject matter and seems like every song is a freestyle.

  • highbrisance
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    I haven’t gotten to it either, but I’m still playing WWCD on the headphones... I’m a fan of The Wu from back in the day, and they was giving off a mid-90’s Raekwon and Ghostface vibe, I’m feeling it.

    Saw they were signed to Shady as Griselda...at least someone’s trying to get back to that raw, nfg style. Anything to do away with them jeans that look like they painted on...