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Lil Baby and DaBaby

_Jay_ Members, Administrators Posts: 3,689 My Name Is My Name.

Out of Lil Baby and DaBaby, who's having the better year in 2020?

DaBaby done went from wearing diapers (smh) to being a lot of ladies' fantasy. Bruh went from almost regular fights in public (which he always won), to being a respected name. Give or take that Kanye cosign a few weeks ago, smh...but it looks like he might've bounced back from that.

Lil Baby done went from being another mumble-rap rapper to a known artist dropping heat. Fam went from being clowned cuz of Percs, to surprising everyone and literally dropping The Bigger Picture, showing depth that a lot of folks wouldn't have believed was there...

Who ya wit?


  • highbrisance
    highbrisance Members Posts: 33

    I didn't know either one till I saw Da Baby on SNL wit J Lo hosting last year, he had the Jabbawokeez on SNL, and that one with the flute was a bop...heard he caught a gun charge and got off on self-defense...

    Don't know anything about Lil Baby other than blog posts...

  • _Jay_
    _Jay_ Members, Administrators Posts: 3,689 My Name Is My Name.

    I had noticed on Twitta that LOTS of women were flocking to DaBaby...it was kinda funny. His music was/is decent, but I wasn't really a fan. I didn't know about him wearing the diapers for quite a while, once I saw him in em...smh nvm. His support for Kanye was...weird, but I think he'll bounce back, or never really lost a lot of his true fans or whatever.

    Lil Baby is my fave mumble rapper. Hands down.