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50 Cent Retracts His Endorsement Of The President: 🤬 Donald Trump, I Never Liked Him - AllHipHop.

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image50 Cent Retracts His Endorsement Of The President: 🤬 Donald Trump, I Never Liked Him - AllHipHop.com

With just 8 days before the election ends, celebrities are sharing their thoughts and facing heat from the public.

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  • Trump_wins!
    Trump_wins! Members, Confirm Email Posts: 1

    Well, a 'full 360', as the HEADLINE says, means he still supports President Trump. If the intent of this article is to tell the world 50 Cent has retracted his endorsement, that would be a '180' - not a 'full 360' (360 degrees in a circle, right?). This just goes to show how ignorant so-called journalists are, but sadly they think they are smart, and that the citizens are dumber than they are. That isn't even a remote possibility.

  • richardhari
    richardhari Members Posts: 1
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    I thought 50 cent was an a-hole before he supported Trump and now that he isn't, he is an even bigger a-hole. His lousy 2 cents don't even make any "cents"..

    DELTADIVA4EVER Members, Confirm Email Posts: 1

    I'm happy he came to him understanding he is a BLACK MAN AND FREAKING CRAZY ASS TRUMP WITH "CRS" DOES NOT CARES ABOUT ANYONE ESPECIALLY A BLACK MAN. Remember we comes from 🤬 HOLD COUNTRY, per Trump! Thank you 50!

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