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Biden Campaign Pushes Back On Ice Cube Claiming Democrats Wouldn't Meet With Him Until After The Ele

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imageBiden Campaign Pushes Back On Ice Cube Claiming Democrats Wouldn't Meet With Him Until After The Election - AllHipHop.com

Congressman Cedric Richmond says he spoke to the Hip Hop star about the CWBA and the Democratic plan.

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  • DatNinjaRich
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    So Cube is a liar? nah, dude...your party eff'd up and dropped the ball and now you're pulling damage control. If you had to say something you couldn't leave it at "that's not how it went down" instead you choose to attack the plan Cube discussed and say yours was better. They already alienated black families in NY and Cali who have become successful by increasing taxes...and if you think that's wrong do the math, it's not a white people tax. Those "rich people" who just 🤬 the cutoff line will instantly begin to net a hell of a lot less each year - $425,000 at the current tax rate of you netted $255,000 ($170k in taxes), under the new Biden those families will take home $170,000 and pay $255,000 in taxes at the proposed 62% tax rate....with absolutely nothing to show for it they lose $85,000 a year! Keep in mind that families are able to send their kids to college without loans but if you do have 3 kids that are college age, that $85k swing all of a sudden forces you to look at loans because in addition to college you're trying to keep them feed, clothed and in a good home...all of which you busted your ass to be able to do but for some reason you are now the problem and the reason why others can't...

    This plan is begin disguised as only hitting the super wealthy but the super wealthy have additional outlets to tax breaks...this is impacting working families just out of the 'come up' and there are a lot of black families in that bracket whether or not people want to believe it and for those just outside of that $400k combined line, if you cross it you're going to basically be punished for doing so...you'll have significantly more take home pay for your family at $390k than you will at $400k

    yes, it's hard to have empathy for successful people but keep in mind if you're late teens to early 20s, you're trying to be those families in 10 years so when you are do you want to be financially punished for it?

    Wasteful Gov't spending is why we don't have the funds for more and better social programs...not families "paying their fair share" - Apple, Google and Amazon will not be putting a penny more in to their taxes - it will be the employees who do through income tax...don't be fooled in to thinking this is just white people

  • King Root
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    only reason ice cube isnt endorsing biden is because he makes more the $400k a year Ice cube been a sellout since westside connection broke up

  • Esteban Peralta
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    62 percent tax? LOL. I don’t think so. That’s ridiculous to even suggest. Read up.

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