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EXCLUSIVE: Suspect Accused Of Murdering XXXTentacion "Losing His Mind" Behind Bars - AllHipHop.com

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imageEXCLUSIVE: Suspect Accused Of Murdering XXXTentacion "Losing His Mind" Behind Bars - AllHipHop.com

A close friend of Dedrick Williams broke the judge presiding over his case saying he is mentally deteriorating as he awaits trial for allegedly killing XXXTentacion. 

Read the full story here


  • xxxgalaxyqueen31xxxgalaxyqueen31 Members Posts: 1

    They all murdered jahseh onfroy and need to be held accountable for their actions the judge better keep them in jail justice must be served what they did was sickening and heinous they have to be punished

  • VolkmanVolkman Members Posts: 2

    This article is really amazing. Thanks for the sharing

  • Socialize Socialize Members Posts: 1

    Serve them 🤬 damn right! Murdered a kid for some money out of all things in life. He has a child on the way to 🤬 bless his son for growing up without his father.

  • Alski53Alski53 Members Posts: 1

    My wife was murdered because of money. And the Killer said the pretty much the same sh**.may this killer rot in jail

  • michaelamichaela Members, Confirm Email Posts: 1

    thats what a conscience does to a evil person like him maybe if he starts telling the truth those demons will stop haunting him

  • ake gake g Members Posts: 1

    uh uh, hell no, if he gets out i'll find him and 🤬 him myself, he took a peace of me i will never get back, so 🤬 him and his 'friend'.

  • RazuRazu Members Posts: 1

    When they had gun's they were playing 🤬 taking innocent people life,now he's seeing 🤬 in his cell and everywhere else and this is only the beginning because the demon's are real and conscious never die

  • juicejuice11550juicejuice11550 Members Posts: 1

    They should of had thought about the consequences beforehand. May they all rot in their jail cells. Those demons are eating away at their minds..Oh well!!

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