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Boosie Asks Fans To Post Videos Of Guns In Their Car To Earn Christmas Cash - AllHipHop.com

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imageBoosie Asks Fans To Post Videos Of Guns In Their Car To Earn Christmas Cash - AllHipHop.com

Rap star Boosie is getting a little backlash over a new challenge he just launched to promote his new single "Stick In Da Car."

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  • Colossal66Colossal66 Members, Confirm Email Posts: 1

    That's some real informant shhh. Who tells their own people to jump in the car with their gun and post it? Who does that? A informant. Period!!! If he wasn't, he wouldn't ask anybody that's in the hoods, trying to survive, to get yo a#% social media indicted. Wow!!! We cant move forward as a people who are tired of hustling and doing what we have to do to survive. It's like we trapped in a vicious circle and cant get put because our own people don't truly care about what happens to US and our children's future, as long as they're nice and warm in their homes, We and our kids are doomed forever. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard from Boosie. So, as of today, I don't like him. I don't wanna hear his music. I don't want anybody I know supporting this set up artist. That's exactly what he trying to do. Set up whoever falls for this Oke Doke. Woww!!!

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  • ZUBUGODZUBUGOD Members, Confirm Email Posts: 6

    Boosie trying to get people to catch a case if they do this dumb 🤬 . This is self snitching and you recording, documenting it? It's like when dudes flash a bunch of money on camera or film and they don't have legit job; only two things can happen and they both are bad for you. Either the police come get you or the jack-boys come get you; you gotta learn to keep your business to yourself. #Facts

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