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Benzino Vs Royce Vs Joyner Lucas Gets Serious & Spooky - AllHipHop.com

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imageBenzino Vs Royce Vs Joyner Lucas Gets Serious & Spooky - AllHipHop.com

Royce Da 5'9", Joyner Lucas and Benzino are going at it like somebody isn't making threats! This is serious!

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    Royce sticks up for his boy, thats what "friends" do. Bnzino needs to not talk sideways about Em. Em ended his career, both in music (if Benzino even had one in music) and with his magazine. If a reporter baited him on Em, he should say that was 10years ago, Im not talking about him anymore or that situation, but he didnt, he talked sideways so thats what he is going to get in return. Also, didn't Benzino talk about Em's daughter back in the day? So there you go, karma at its finest.

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