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DaBaby and DaniLeigh Ball Out At The Jewelry Shop! - AllHipHop.com

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imageDaBaby and DaniLeigh Ball Out At The Jewelry Shop! - AllHipHop.com

DaBaby is doing the most! He even took his baby shoping!

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    Seriously, I don't know why people want to hate on Danileigh so much. And to be honest i didn't even know they dated, but I'm really happy for them. They are just vibing and having a good time but I feel bad now everyone wants to hate on every move Danileigh makes. I was a fan of her since day one, always listening to her music and seeing the goofy side of her. Then she started getting recongition a little bit from her top hit "Easy" ft Chris Brown video. Another was from Dababy from "Levi High". Then people started shipping them and once they started dating, she starts to get all this hate for no reason. I understand that Dababy has a baby with his ex wife and then he left for the baby and all of a sudden they are dating? I get that part is confusing but i just wished people could stop blaming 🤬 on Danileigh when it was his fault for leaving in the first place. Again im happy for them but what bothers me the most is when people want to get up in her space or throw hate towards her. Simone is jut his ex so people need to understand that and move on. And for the love of 🤬 , let her do what she wants. And can you please stop with the cyberbullying, you're affecting her too much.Let her be happy in peace.

  • mh908mh908 Members Posts: 2

    You know couples can spend money on each other? I swear you throw so much hate on Danileigh.

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