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With EP “Prince of Rock” Saulo Oliveira S. solidifies his presence in music

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The rockstar Saulo Oliveira S. is back with four new songs part of his EP named “Prince of Rock”. The songs are:

Number one: Renewing Rock and Roll, a song in which the singer-songwriter innovates and fires words in a style like Eminem's mixing hip hop and rock. It's the perfect flagship.

Number two: That Liar Never Walked on the Water, a provocative manifesto about faith with both strong beat and lyrics.

Number three: Monolith. Monolith is when the mood of this brilliant EP is overturned and the poetic traits of the artist are shown. It’s atmospheric and hunting.

Talking about a hunting matter: Last but not least: 

Number 4: Macneil. Inspired by the character Reagan MacNeil from the Exorcist, here is a soft hip-hop song in which Saulo plays a harmonica in the end defining the tone of it all. The perfect ending for a must-heard EP.

Saulo Oliveira S. is paving his path in the music journey with creativity and great style. Recently his royal highness has been spotted in a paradisiac island and seems to be enjoying this phase in life.

And you? What’s your favorite song from the Prince of Rock?