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Contagiou$ is making some noise with new single hitting over 1.5M streams on SoundCloud

Contagiou$ is making some noise with new single hitting over 1.5M streams on SoundCloud

We got to catch up with R&B artist Contagiou$ to ask him a few questions about his life and how it inspires his world-renowned sound.



What are some achievements and milestones that you are proud of?


Cristian Mattia-Uribe AKA Contagiou$ has built his name working with Colin Tilley from his production team called “Boy In the Castle”

He has assisted some well known artists in the industry such as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Lizzo, Ann Marie, G Eazy, SZA, Drake and many more. Contagiou$ is building his name

to eventually be a household name!

Some important achievements and milestones that I have made are being able to move forward in life from group homes and foster care and follow my dreams and vision in Los Angeles.



What are some of your most favorite quotes?


"Good is comfortable but greatness requires you to push past to see what else is possible - Ed Harris"


"You can't always listen to the crowd, they are in the crowd for a reason -Ed Harris"


"At some point, you have to be sick and tired enough of being sick and tired enough to do something about what you're sick and tired of."




Tell us a little bit more about your background, where were you born and raised, how did you get into music:


Originally I’m from Romania Baia Mare, I was adopted at 5 years old, and coming to America was a lot for me.

My moms would play music for me such as Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, Usher, Chris Brown, Ohio Players, Selena, Santana, Keith Sweat, Luther Vandross, TLC, Aaliyah, Ray Charles, Prince, Boyz II Men, Marvin Gaye, James Brown and more...

I also played instruments such as the clarinet, and drums, I loved the sounds swirling, the light switch, pushing buttons, touching pans, and anything that made noise was magical to my ear!

Music stuck with me through my darkest moments, my lightest moments, and moments where I thought I couldn’t push. It kept me pushing music impacted me to be able to share my story.



How did your background affect your journey and current situation?


My background affected my journey in so many ways, negative and positive but I made it through and I learned differently than most people. 

It didn't take me 1 or 2 tries... It took me 10 tries but I didn't quit, I kept pushing in every situation.



What influenced you to become a Musical Artist?


What pushed me and influenced me to become an artist was the expression and pain that an artist can pour out into their music. I know others can feel the energy I put into my music.

I was able to relate and that was a big factor for me. I loved hearing songs that made me inspired to get up. I love songs that made me sad and made me cry. I knew that I could do the same with my music for others.

To uplift them in a tough time.



How does it feel to have a song that streamed over 1 Million listens?!


Man, it is such a blessing, truly, I couldn't have imagined the response to be so strong. 

To belive in yourself is not easy, but to have so many other believe in you truly makes you feel like you are bringing some value to people's lives.

It really keeps me going and inspires me to keep giving the people what they love.



When is your new EP coming out?


I have a new project I'm currently working on. It's set to debut early next year. I have a lot of good music waiting to be released.

Listen to more of Contagiou$: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0DrojoliEPsAtUUg0hVOhs?si=SFK4D1keQzCaanOkOQ0x-Q

Follow Contagiou$ on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/?next=%

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