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After Nuttin Inside A Check (Belonged In Donkey Not GnS)

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I normally take the girl str8 to the local CVS/Walgreens in order to get the 24 hour pill.That should be a given, cuz i don't need no Seedman seeds runnin around and 🤬 .

Now heres where i seem to recieve criticism from them hoes. Once i get to the CVS I just drop them off there and let her pay for it. Im not tryin to be around for the rest of the day and 🤬 , and ill be damned if she expects me to pay for it. Im not the one whos pregnant yano? So thats not even a question for me. So what i do is, I pull away and watch from afar, just to make sure she walks out with the bag. Just to make sure she bought it, since I'm pretty sure they ain't smart enough to pull the fake out, and walk out with nothing in the bag. Plus, if they buy it, I'm pretty sure they will use it.

The problem is they be callin me up complainin and 🤬 5 minutes later talkin bout they still need a ride home. I tell em call a taxi and they complain that they payed for the pill and now a taxi. I just say "well you shouldn't have let me nut inside you then" SMH and hang up. This 🤬 them off 99% of the time.

I be wantin to 🤬 them again if they were that good, but I'm not tryin to hear all that next time i see them. What can i do about this?