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Exodus The Great Poison Pen Mixtape plz some reviews

exodusthegreat Members Posts: 2
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Hey i am a underground artist new to the whole forums thing and i hope to use yall
to get better as a artist this is my mixtape and ive been rappin for 3 years now
Im just tryna get some feed on this. I will return i had to make some minor changes
so a datpiff link will be avalible soon


Artist: Exodus The Great
Album: Poison Pen Mix-tape
Song(s) 20 Tracks
Label Syndicate House Productions
Year: 2010

Download link


1)Loyalty Ft, The Syndicates(Reecie The Poet, Young Boogie, Tyrae, Sunny)
2)Momma I Made It(produced by blacklightmusic)
3)Feeling It
4)One Mic
5)Letter To Pac Ft, Faith Evans
6)My Body(Your Body)(produced by Rickaine1)
7)I’ll Be Good Ft. Reecie The Poet
8)Grown Folk Musiq Ft. Tyrae, Joe
9)Plat Card Ft. Stevy Jones, Difference(WHP beats)
10)Don’t Leave Me Ft. Blackstreet (jay and dj tank beats)
11)Quit Playing Games Ft. Malcolm, Reecie, Tyrae)(VTZ beat)
12)Spit How I Feel(produced by annodominibeats)
13)Dreams (produced by Joshua Blue and John Arter)
14)Unthinkable(Im Ready) Ft. Alicia Keyes
16)Airplanes Ft. Eminem
17) Hello Goodmorning & Angels Freestyle Ft. Diddy & 🤬 Money
18)Granny I Know Ft. Stevy Jones(produced by Green Light Productions)
19)Lost One
20)Neva Forget Me Outro Ft. Akon