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Code Geass the GOAT thats it!!! the 🤬 was more addictive than the wire

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anybody cosign?????


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    Code Geass was entertaining, but was way too similar to other animes. It started out like Death Note, adopted elements of Gundam/ other mecha animes, and also just about every high school/ teenage drama anime known to man. Some parts were blatantly ripped straight out of Neon Genesis Evangelion (you know what plot line I'm talking about).
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    all that school teen drama 🤬 iz wack as 🤬 , I don't give a 🤬 bout that 🤬 , stop actin like I do anime producers

    that said it still had some of the trillest moments i ever seen in a anime.....

    - Lelouch using the Geass to make the terrorists shoot and stab themselves to death, then nonchalantly explaining to the ppl that just walked in "I explained to them that their efforts were futile so they just decided to 🤬 themselves"

    - kind cute merciful innocent lil Euphemia gettin hit with a totally accidental Geass, ordering a savage massacre as a result, and going down in history as "The Massacre Princess" lmao

    - Rolo murking Lelouch's homegirl and Lelouch shrugging it off like "its cool my 🤬 , money over 🤬 "

    - Lelouch sittin down in pop dukes throne like "Yeah I killed the muhfucka" and makin everyone in the room go from "What?! OMFG! Arrest him!" to "YES....YOUR MAJESTY!!!" in 0.5 🤬 seconds w/ da Geass

    - Lelouch going from being 🤬 over, left for dead, dissed and forgotten to H.N.I.C MUHPHUKKIN WORLD DICTATOR KISS DA RING in the span of literally 3 episodes

    - Lelouch tricking Schneizel into having a convo with a videotape, thinking Lelouch is gonna murk him, only to have ol boy tap his shoulder and hit him with the "SERVE ME!" Geass.
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