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Better posse cut, Reservoir Dawgs or Fanstasic Four?

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Sauce Money, Jay, the Lox and Beans

Cam, Canibus, Pun, and Nore


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    Reservoir Dogs>>
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    jamacia wrote: »
    Reservoir Dogs>>

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    Pun has the best verse on either song...

    🤬 all y'all non-believers; I roll with 🤬 , the Squad and T.S.
    Out with the B.S. we platinum, they even doubted Jesus
    🤬 is 85%, I'm 400 solid
    Brain-bolic with knowledge, 🤬 -diesel scholars
    Holdin it down, walkin around with gold by the pound
    Frozen and drowned with diamond boulders all in the crown
    Talk of the town, soakin you down wit toast 'til you drown
    Ghost you and pound your corpse with a force that'll open the ground
    Save the jokes for the clowns, I'm on the serious tip
    You keep playin.. and I get furious quick
    And now I take you for a walk through the ghetto
    Either spark your metal or get outlined in chalk by the devil
    I rep the borough that mothered this rap 🤬 , I used to clap 🤬
    Now I just lay back and mack on some mack 🤬
    I used to have to pack a mac in back of the Ac(ura)
    Now I relax and stack platinum plaques in my shack
    It's like that, but don't think I won't counter act
    My 🤬 is strapped and quick to lay a 🤬 on his back
    I'm swift with the mac, quicker than Kung Fu
    with the reflexes of a cat, and the speed of a mongoose