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2Pac or Jay Z? (Better Catalog)

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Who has the better catologue?

Will use all jay Z's albums and all 2pac's albums while he was alive nd recording..


2pacalypse-3 mics
Strictly For My 🤬 -3.5 mics
Me Against The World-5 mics(classic)
All Eyez On Me-4 mics( rounded to 5)
The Don Killumati: The 7 Day Theory-4.5 mics

Jay z

Reasonable Doubt-5 mics
Volume 1-4 mics
Volume2-2 mics
Volume 3-1.5 mics
The dynasty(roc family album)-3 mics
The Blueprint-4.5 mics
The blueprint 2-3.5 mics
The Black album-5 mics
Kingdoms come-2 mics
American Gangster-4.5 mics
Blueprint 3-3 mics

Who you got( tell me if I'm missing any)

who has the better catologue