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Heath Ledger AKA "Joker" Illumanti hit? You decide!

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So we all know Heath Ledger mysteriously died from what is said to be a "overdose" on prescription meds shortly after his portrayal in Batman's "The Dark Knight". While most of you believe what these Illuminized media outlets are selling you, I beg to differ. I am positive that this was a hit by none other than the Illuminati disguised as an overdose. Need proof? Let me show you.

Let's start off with symbolism in the movie first that shows and proves the Illuminati ties.


Clear siight for all to see.

Exhibit B


Again out in the open.

The third I wont make a cool little pictorial for, but I'm sure you all remember the scene where the Joker and the "Russians" had all the money in which Joker lit on fire. Ever notice how that money is stacked....... like a pyramid, another Illuminati symbol. Why would they choose a pyramid shape to stack the money rather than say a circle? Well I think you all can agree that's the Illuminati way of tapping and pushing into our subconscious.

Next is when the Joker is hanging by one leg in the end. The book of Enoch tells us of the leader of the fallen angels who is hanging by one leg between Heaven and Earth and has to live there and bear witness to all evil that has been created. This is the same in Batman, the Joker is hanging on one leg from a skyscraper. The equivalent of between heaven and Earth.

Also notice the way that Batman stays hidden from sight while doing his work, this symbolizes the Illuminati being invisible to us but always there for us to witness at the same time.

So that brings us to the question why was Heath Ledger a victim? Well let's say he didn't do wrong per say, but was a sacrifice.
Illuminati sacrifice must have a symbol tatted on them for the world to see. Whether real or fake doesn't matter. In his last movie the Imaginarium of Doctor Pernassus, Heath Ledger is seen in the movie yet again playing a man who is wicked and deceitful, his last scene shot for the movie before his death coincidentally happened to be with him showing an Illuminati logo on his forehead........ was this his warning to the world that his sacrifice was about to be made? I think so.



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