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New Trey Songz "Doorbell" This the One!! Passion Pain & Pleasure Sept 14th

YungHeartLess5 Members Posts: 413
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Damn man, I know Im the biggest Trey Fan around here but the music is really undeniable as of late... I cant wait till the 14th... Anticipation, literally!

I might make my next kid on the 14th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • TrueGodHS
    TrueGodHS Members Posts: 2,670 ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2010
    Oh my 🤬 LMAO... The beginning of the song had me dying... this 🤬 sound like Lloyd on the song a little bit... Trey my 🤬 , but the only good song I done heard was Cant Be Friends and Love Faces.. the rest are a little underwhelming.

    The hook is funny
  • Cake4real
    Cake4real Members Posts: 815
    edited August 2010
    Wait a second who told him to change his voice? Like someone said he do sound a little bit like Lloyd in some parts and it's funny because on Lloyd new song he sounds like Jermih. I think it's alright...ding 🤬 ...ding 🤬
  • blackrain
    blackrain Members, Moderators Posts: 27,269 Regulator
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    Neighbors Know My Name Pt. 2....not impressed
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