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*DIES* Mall Cop in hot pursuit of shoplifters through 3 city's>

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Before being pulled over and ticketed... LMAOOOOOOOOOOO The way they broke the story down is hilarious!! The rest of the story is hilarious!


Mall cop ticketed in 3-town chase of suspected shoplifters
Police in Morris County say a pair of overzealous Willowbrook Mall security guards chased a carful of suspected shoplifters for six miles along Route 46, running at least one red light along the way, before both cars were stopped by Montville police.

The chase led to charges not only for the alleged thieves — three women accused of stealing lotion and clothing from two mall shops — but also against the security guard who drove the mall's SUV through three towns, emergency lights flashing, in hot pursuit of the suspects.

The guard behind the wheel was ticketed by Montville police for careless driving and disregarding a traffic signal. The chase, which violated mall policy, also earned the guards a reprimand from police in Wayne, where the mall is located. And Willowbrook management said it planned to pursue the matter internally.