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How Many Times Have U Changed Ur Number?

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I got my 1st contract cellular for my 18th b-day in 04 and even though I've switched companies (from US Cellular to Verizon) I still have the same # after almost 6 years. Paying a $15 fee for changing the # and having to send out a mass text message to the ppl I actually want to have the new one is just an unnecessary hassle IMO...unless it's an extreme case. If a 🤬 got my number & I dont want them to have it I just block their 🤬 .

But 1 of my ace boons from HS is the complete opposite. He got his 1st cellular like a month before me and this 🤬 has had @ least 13 different #'s that I can count. Thats an average of 2 numbers per year, every year. He's already changed his 🤬 once this year so I'm expecting another change before the year is over. It's to the point that I dont even wanna put this 🤬 # in my phone anymore b/c it could change the next week.

How many of yall 🤬 are guilty of this or know somebody who is?