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It was right in front of my eyes but I couldn’t see it.
My cousin kept tryna tell me but I wouldn’t believe it.
I was so blinded by 🤬 , I couldn’t see the truth.
That the girl of my dreams had me aloof.
Late night phone calls to early morning texts.
About how you was sick and tired of your ex.

So I kept reassuring you, I was here to take the pain away.
And if we were together, you would see a brighter day.
While in boot camp I waited day after day.
Just hoping one day I would get a letter from Shay.
After 2 whole months, that day never came.
I got the thought in my head that this chick was running game.

Sitting out in A-School, I would begin my life anew.
I finally got ya new number and asked “what the hell happened to you”
She said “baby I’m sorry, Ma changed my number, and I missed you too”.
She said “I wrote you five letters and they were all sent back to me”.
She put them on the webcam so it kinda made me happy.

When I got to japan, it only got rougher.
In my mind I knew it wouldn’t work, but I still decided to cuff her.
The phone calls and emails became less frequent.
Felt like I was being lied to and the truth I need to seek it.
So I hit up her sister and asked “wassup witchu”
She said “I’m doing good but I got something to tell you”
When I read the email, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
That the girl I used to be in love with was a lesbian in disguise.


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    This was a nice piece but an unfortunate situation, I could apprecaite the fact that you shared this with us as well.

    I thought the word play was on point, the last stanza'🤬 pretty hard.. it gave me an image of your expression..

    Good job in expressing and shedding light on your experience.

    Keep writin and I'mma keep readin :D
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    thanx for the feedback
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