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INSTRUMENTAL KEYSTLYLE *BEAT:Wiz Khalifa-black and yellow instrumental (link inside)*

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whatever you wanna write about

but jus so yall know, Im gonna start doin a new thread idea callin OUT CERTAIN PEOPLE! If I think you havent posted in awhile or youre posted up on Writers Block...Im gonna call you and get you off that corner

Im thinkin I might start a story and let you finish it however you want---give you the blueprint of the story and let you build it for me ya DIG!??

heres the beat if you wanna download it

heres the video for THOSE that are on their phone lol

ill start it off.......

I stroll through 🤬 's gold gates
no red or green lights
Black and Yellow are the only choices to make
so I decide
if everyones real
only thing left is to go fake
I hold fate in the hand like 2 of lucifer's bush
I rotate my middle finger up
my chain is a cross joint and I crucify kush
poetry is the breath my soul takes
cuz I am slowtivated
a procrastinator
a chronic smokin pencil masturbator
I 🤬 off my thoughts and splatter lead ink blots on paper
I am Tater followed by ghostlights
I am faded off mary jane and corona lights
I am adjacent to my sober life
waving from across the street
like the grass is greener on the otherside
I am my mothers child
and mommy
used to be a 🤬 and hot girl like Kanye would sang
she fooled around
and now I dont know who my daddy could be
so I look to the sky
screamin "FATHER WHY?!?"
like I'm Jesus
wavin my sash like a white flag
I am a man never at peace
I am pieces of a broken man
carrying a cross on my back like a lower case t-shirt
I need to die tonight where I stand
bleed this suicidal poetry from my veins and rebirth
I am 3 curses in a mirror
faces I've never seen before haunt my dreams
I'm shook
I'm in a large crowd
wearing a hoodie trying to find myself like a "Wheres Waldo" book
I see myself like a mugshot
grinnin at life cuz Im 🤬 and locked up in my own addictions
cheesin like someone else is gonna see it
I'm searchin inside and all I see is T.W.I.S.M.
I start writing down my lifes secrets
my notebook is my prison
that I'm tryin to break free from
theres gotta be more than the outside
than that that everyones seein
I've gotta gut under the hood
and start from scratch
take out my old soul and throw it in the trash
but when I did
it crawled out
slid across the floor
looked up at me and started to laugh

so I stabbed that mufuka with my pencil.


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    I know yall gonna go CRAZY with this beat! lookin forward to it

    on the real...has anyone thought about bein a ghostwriter?!? I dont flow but I think my 🤬 would sound good to a beat lol maybe its jus me.....
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    This beat is crazy... I'ma drop something on it, probably later today.
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    sickening ass beat....don't have the energy to follow a story though lol...but heres a little something

    broke ass laptop
    but steadily typing away
    laying in the cut
    thinking of words to say
    dropping the daily slugger of rhymes
    but no time to take to pray for such things
    suffering from huffing and puffing
    enough is enough
    house shoe against 🤬
    a national uprising
    surprising i'm not done with life just yet
    living life like its golden plus the main chick is wet
    missing the pearl tongue flicking
    distance from consuming the flesh
    desperate times call for a net flix rental
    in the bomb shelter awaiting Armageddon
    whose going to die next
    vex that news is a 🤬 joke
    Mr bean grubbing on his own tie confused for celery
    rebellion is all i see
    stomping mudholes of every kid associated with a tea party
    snapping glenn beck's neck and throwing its carcass to hannity
    broadcast it on msnbc demanding a job, a double down, and a good salary
    or else heads come a rolling all over the fox news scene
    🤬 being humble and fumbling with words
    recession got a dude ready to speak action
    tactics manifesting from a game night in killzone 2
    so the accuracy is sickening
    its the cabin fever maybe got me dreaming for a reliever
    such an underachiever awaiting to be on call 4th quarter halfback
    🤬 lucas
    the proof is in the pudding real to the p is 🤬
    stepping on coax wires just for 🤬 kicks
    brushing my teeth with twigs just for 🤬 and giggles
    and bathing in blood of my ex haunting me for sport
    lost mind yes and lot of time yessir
    giving fellow poets the remedy with a message bottle answer
    cancer is flowing through this poetry awaiting friend and enemy to catch it
    I kid I kid
    insulting my dogs explaining its just bitter sweet memoirs
    enough with murking this beat
    time for some lunch
    netflix is a playing
    arrested development season 1 episode 2
    peace sign to the struggling
    🤬 you to the man in the mirror
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    i got one more gain
    the beat just keep a calling
    go for laid back 🤬
    or something rugged
    but the beat is feeling how i feel
    when i try to chill and think of dollar bills
    yields my spirit to doing something terrible
    but enough about me
    how the hell you doing
    its been a minute since I felt this way
    communicating with innerself
    cashmere dusting off the hat and tennis shoes
    bow tie a suit with jeans representing nothing to lose
    choosing my words wisely or taking over the body becomes official
    fight club 🤬
    choking me and provoking me to leave my wifey
    for a floosey with a huge donkey and sucks for a living
    🤬 for kicks
    but the family guy in me sits down and don't move for nothing
    bluffing and calling him a bastard
    peter griffin wishing for a life even simpler
    without the visions of what i done in the past
    fed up with living in the time warp
    jump head first on the first hand second finger
    about to 🤬 time and the honest stranger
    wake up from a binge
    same body same 🤬
    and school finals to finish
    damn i need to escape this
    or face this
    desperation struggle
    without sense of replacement
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    I be wildin out, style is wild, young child I'm a beat monster
    I beat often, find a flower child and skeet blossoms
    The broads can't keep off him,
    y'all might be tight but I am three awesomes
    Cooler than a iceberg, word?, I like herb
    So I never wreck but every now and then I might swerve
    boogie monster 🤬 I am here to make the nights worst
    Females day dream, a 🤬 nightmare
    doggie thats your wife there? Well I might share
    I get to smash and you can pick up on the tabs cuz
    I leave em floatin... bubbles in bathtubs
    Sometimes they get to trippin.... bad drugs
    Let me reiterate, I'm out this world 🤬
    rare find, pearls 🤬 , them girls 🤬
    .. forget it 🤬 let me get it how I usually spit
    you aint used to it, my multiples a stupid fit
    I be that super sick, damn son a 🤬 slick
    If they don't get it I don't know right where their ears would go
    Y'all got a lot of heart but I dont hear it though
    Im in a building by myself why share the room
    We on different stations, and I don't care to tune
    So if I fall I'm comin down still on fire like a air balloon
    I'm addicted to the love so it's hard to quit
    Y'all couldn't live up to the standards that I started with
    My life crazy, 🤬 mics and 🤬 pro tools
    My bathroom bigger than the school your kids go to
    Y'all heard the legend, now let me show you
    my flows cold jewels, bright and worth a pretty penny
    They star struck, I see plenty
    I eat alot of cake, stuck in my Pre-Jenny
    Lol right now my kids cryin, so im'a end this son
    But I'll be back on it, this beats an endless one
  • VSOPVSOP Members Posts: 195 ✭✭
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    I be wildin out, style is wild, young child I'm a beat monster
    I beat often, find a flower child and skeet blossoms

    lol yo that 🤬 was flames lol

    good way to start it off fam

    and GO GET YA KID to stop cryin!
  • ThaChozenWunThaChozenWun Members Posts: 9,390
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    Ayo, right now I'm high and lifted
    Oh my still mighty gifted
    I'm most likely spittin flames at a massive rate
    them 🤬 gone have to wait
    got venom in my bag like Jake the snake
    Im stil hungry gone scrape the plate
    I got 🤬 kicks, my sneaker game gets busy
    Taylor Gang me and Khalifa in the same city
    Pittsburgh, this 🤬 word, and Im paper
    So if I die its goin with me. Goodbye hater
    My weight up,the metaphor tyson
    And im the only me, no more like him
    Can't Ignore him, I'm jersey shorin but my face fine
    🤬 I ignore her and Im scorin like Jordan on the base line
    My necklace camera flash til it hurt to see me
    You spit game I spit wishes I'm a verbal Genie
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    I picked up the pen again, and starting scribbling
    Mind going crazy off it so it's time for some ritalin
    I'm fiddling with these lyrics tryin to fit a riddle in
    Swearin to a 🤬 I don't believe in that I'll never sin again
    Begging for him to lemme in but my words are blasphamy
    Cursing everything sacred.. demons are harrasing me
    Thugs tryin to hassle me so how can I keep a straight face?
    How can I not 🤬 under pressure, I'ma mo' 🤬 nut case
    So I start spazzing on the beat cause it won't fight back
    Hit the road, napsack with a pen, paper and a couple rap tracks
    Above ground like a hovercraft, I'm higher than I ever been
    Looking to be brought back to earth, where's my mother 🤬 sedative?
    Strapped with a straight jacket and a Hannibal mask
    My enemies approach, strapped with gats, still watchin they ass
    Cause I break free like Reggie Wayne on a corner back
    And I'll tell the coroner that when I hear your bone marrow snap
    I don't hear no laughs now but they say silence is a virtue
    It's true but my quiet violence will hurt you
    I desert you in the desert with gizzards for dessert
    No rain where the sun don't shine, just lizards where it hurts
    Just pain for the non-divine, I'm insane, but in your mind
    Your just thinking about how gonna survive
    Sick mind games by a twisted individual
    See how long your last before vultures devour your residuals
    I'm on fire like I just blaze this beat
    Full of myself after I made you taste defeat
    Never will you near my seat but you can praise the feat
    Now get me my ottoman so I can raise the feet.
  • TupacfanTupacfan Members, Moderators Posts: 2,428 Regulator
    edited September 2010

    The 🤬 ya'll spit on here was hella nice!

    That one jawn by Chozen go hella hard! Props to that Chozen!

    And I think your thread topic VSOP is a good idea! Start callin poets out! I like that!

    Also about ghost writing, that sounds like something you would do lmao 2x but seriously tho, give it a try! Btw, have you perfomed anything live yet?!?

    over all, this beat was nice, nat sure if iwanna write right now, but everyones piece was on point!

    Kinda forgot this jawn existed(body slam), I just now remembered smh! WTE is sleeping, sup with it?!?

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