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Im not a weak 🤬 , but "Why dey do dat?"

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Why do i feel, i cant get it right.?
Why do i have to sleep alone at night.?
Why are the good women never around me?
Why do the bad ones find some way to find me?
Why do i feel that i will be hurt again?
Why does she think that im just like all other men?
Why when they leave me im always crying?
Why it gotta feel like a piece of me is dying?
Why do people tell me to not give up and stay strong?
Why do they say a good one will come along?
Why do all things have to happen for a reason?
Why am I alone during another season?
Why do i feel incomplete in life?
Why must I feel Incomplete, without a Wife?


i didnt know i had it in me.


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    This was truly felt!

    I like how you went in with the Why's! When asking yourself questions, it really brings a creative piece if you express it literaturally.. And I feel you did just that in here..

    Thanks for sharing, btw, go to the poets introduction, the first thread and drop a few lines there..

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