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thought running

konflickkonflick Members Posts: 6
edited September 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
im da ghetto poet
whos mentals devoted
till my pen turns coroded
whos minds like killers gun its all fully loaded
so anytime i could viciously exploded
cuz theres so much pain grasped i could barely holded
but some how like an ill poker player i havent folded
i guess cuz i soak in wut every sage has wroted
cuz they words are da key to living longer
everytime i learn something im feeling stronger
especialy when i find the answers to killing somber
before i make decissions i take a sec to ponder
cuz when u move to fast could lead into being stuck in wonder


  • TupacfanTupacfan Members, Moderators Posts: 2,428 Regulator
    edited September 2010
    as a poet, our thoughts are continouslly running, like were hurting in some form of way or enduring some type of pain.. And this piece right here actually hit that and expressed that..

    I appreciate this drop here!

    Thanks for sharing with us and introduce yourself in the first thread..

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