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Promising The Land

edited September 2010 in Waiting To Exhale

I'm on the verge of packing
stacking away the clothes
piling up the residue
about to move away
from the pain and rain
to gain my sustaining ground
shook from underneath
of the place i lay my feet upon
going somewhere great
you wanna join?
need the company need the expense
proceed to pack with thee
i got the keys and i'm ready
no need to put vacancy on this home
nobody cares to live in the place
lace your shoes and lets get going
tired....i hope not in the future
bored....i pray you reconsider
the tunnel within the other side is full of sight
beautiful trees and beings that love you for thee
don't forsake them for they love you like a sunday
treat you like friday and never refuse like a modern monday
no routine like tuesday
its truly epic my friend
you looking like waterless well
can't wait for the rain?
same here we almost there
keep pushing keep looking
avoid hunger for we are fed by destiny
watch out for danger...the mind is traveling away from feeling
please don't abandon me we almost there
don't fear the outcome of failure
for failure is all of anchoring feeling
imagine a place where ladies are well mannered
men are kings and women dust off the crown of a queen
in thrones dedicated for the worthy and worthless is a joke
don't float away from the thought of no government
no restrictions and no jurisdictions
contradictions are from the vocals of description
describing this beautiful place
lace your shoes and keep going
keep pushing and don't trip
please don't go away from the path we are on
its a promising start......
no government issues
no world ending woes and troubles
Jesus is on our side to the destination for fellows of faith
no gospel just a shaken experience of a new beginning
i feel it in my bones
touch my skin and feel the goosebumps
look in my eyes and see tears
we are here..............
7 hours before waking up
don't squeeze my arm
enjoying this moment of limbo
let the spinning top turn
for i want this peace of mind
to be a eternal urn
body dust and spirit in trust
with the land of a million dreams
and no nightmares
for the sky is shinning lemonade yellow
and clear blue ribbon heaven like resemblance.....


  • TupacfanTupacfan Members, Moderators Posts: 2,428 Regulator
    edited September 2010

    You hit this one real p,

    I wanna go, go on that trip, to much 🤬 happening ad I just wanna go.. I feel it.. This was def needed this morning, its heavy here, tired of weathering thru all these thunder storms..

    Every line hit hard close and the word play was nice like usual!

    Thanks for sharing and stay up!

  • cody beachcody beach Members Posts: 10
    edited September 2010
    Bless for peace
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