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Hope 4 Hope

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Im getting older now and im beginning to worry.
See, i havent met "her" yet. you know. "the one."
And i miss her already, i wanna kiss her already, its about time now and IM READY ALREADY!
See yall, I never thought I would need her. I thought i could get thru this life stuff by myself.
But having fun alone is not the way i want to enjoy "myself."
Its like, i picture her in my mind and i see that she is fine, wit a nice behind and skin tone just-like-mine.
I love her, and i aint even met her yet. And ive met alot. Boy have i met alot!
But none was "the one."
How I know? Because i wouldnt be talking right now. Me and her would be walking right now,
and im feeling lucky just to be holding her hand and people lookin at me like "Dayum! He da man!"
And I got my head up high, and my woman at my side, and i aint even gonna lie,
After sex, I cry.
I never thought that i would love,
I never thought that there was somebody just for me,
I never thought that i could really be happy with some-body.
Damn this girl is something yall. Got me feeling all fuzzy inside. And i aint even met her yet.
Now if she aint the one, then i dont know who is.





  • Sovo_NahSovo_Nah Members Posts: 2,216 ✭✭
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    ok, anyone care to comment on ^^^^^^^

    or was it too lamers?
  • TupacfanTupacfan Members, Moderators Posts: 2,428 Regulator
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    hahaha, I enjoyed reading this to the fullest!

    Theirs a point in time when we go thru that in life at least once or maybe twice..

    Glad you touched on this, I myself rarely touch on love stuff or that sort hehehe. We got a few cats that express that freely without no hesitation though, which is good, as they say readers can learn a thing or two.
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