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"December Feelings"

Zone6reppaZone6reppa Members Posts: 926
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“December Feelings”

Her eyes, speak winter lies, wear a coat if you stare,
Her blizzard looks, snow angel figure wit shiverless hair,
Easily fool, men, who see only beauty and life,
In reality fits a human full of cruelty and ice,
Who makes it seem a little better if a cicle hangs, from it,
Not aware of the abomindable snowman atop the summit,
Emotionally frozen from her inner, her warmth is getting thinner, conversations now slimmer at the dinner table,
Then suddenly you catch a vibe, from her, that your relationship ain’t all about Christmas like during winter cable,
So you walk out in the cold, properly dressed,
Just thinking the storm will pass, and goose bumps will leave your flesh,
But quietly all along, the flurries been getting thicker,
Still a liquid like liquor though the temperature drops quicker,
Or mountain climbers who find that random cave they can enter,
Start a fire hoping to put some heat back in their center,
Suffer pains, of frost, bite as bones being to splinter,
Death, from having feelings in December…..


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