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"Deep In The Trenches"

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“Deep in the Trenches”

…The Battlefield…

Bodies are shattered, armor broken, no words are spoken,
He wants that extra life, but he can’t insert a token,
Choking, on his own, blood, waiting for the calm,
Of screams, while fires crackle from the nearest 🤬 ,
Enemy rounds, water the ground, like sprinklers in the yard,
But nothing grows, its left to feel cold, or maybe charred,
Some soldiers just get behind a bunker,
Luckily dodging the lighting but still forgetting bout the thunder,
Head figures wonder,
Which side is taking the lead, how many fell, as ordinance sails, with shells, nearby the window pails,
Of snipers with precision and patience, distant yet tainted by the view of a blood, bath, memories being painted,
Death and angels acquainted, sadness, next to madness,
Fragments of each emotion explode in portions of vastness,
Now can you grasp, this?...pressure from many angles,
Certain weapons will mangle, hit areas will dangle,
With uniforms in drenches, and smelling all the stenches,
Are how my soldiers feel deep in the trenches….


…Radio Conversations…
(the invaders)
…incoming fire, no desire for it to stop, while team, bravo is hot, ducking cover…
…we’re sending back some shots, but its not, affecting things how we thought and ‘nades are falling in one right after another…
…we’ve never suffered…
…or yet imagined to fathom the reprocussions, of 🤬 with a country over nothing…
…them people something…

…Defend or Die…

How dare they come to our home, land, with no, plan, I’ll show, them, who not to 🤬 with,
Our lives disrupted,
And now corrupted with violence unnecessary annihilation forcefully gets abrupted,
Abducted and returned, double, our leaders huddle for formation,
Squadrons strategically stationed for tactic 🤬 ,
Tracks, plotted and coursed, 9 11 with no porche,
To speed, through them with centrifugal force,
To finish what they have started,
WAR, nothing precious,
Intellectual guesses, delay eventful messes,
The casualty compression, lessens, an advantage,
More, soldiers mean more weapons that equal more, damage,
Eventually fighting them off, the wenches,
Survival pinches as we all, wake up from deep in the trenches…


  • TupacfanTupacfan Members, Moderators Posts: 2,428 Regulator
    edited September 2010
    This is just ill all the way around!

    Every line hit hard, and the word play, smh.. it was nice! It gave a vivid image to it too!

    An up to par piece I enjoyed reading.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing, if your new to posting your poetic pieces here, drop an introduction in the first thread as into "why do you write poetry?"
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