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Who Here Rocks PoLo??

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U already kno i do. Polo is the wears. DO U???? Who 🤬 wit rugbys?? Ive been into Lo 🤬 4 since i was a lil kid anybody else mom put them in it? Rugby dope 2. Here are the innovators of PoLo in the hood..


I remember before we became the Lo Lifes, we would see each other on the trains, we used to plot on robbing one another for the Lo item we were wearing. It never came to that though.

It was on the Deuce (42 street and Broadway), when we first clicked together. There were a lot of movie theaters and game rooms there. There was mad girls from all over. One of the main attractions on the Deuce was the photographers with all the different backgrounds to take your pictures in. We were steppin' up to take a picture one Saturday night when "Ralphies Kids" were already on the Polo background. Their wears were crisp, but that was the one thing we had in common. So, 🤬 'z was like "Yo!! lets take this flick together." So both mobs got in one flick together. Little did we know, it would make history according to Brooklyn's streets. "Lo Lifes" were mainly known for boostin', running up in stores and just snatching everything. We made this common in our everyday activities. We turned it into a lifestyle, and to this day it is still the way some original members put food on the table.

When we traveled, we would roll at least 50 or 60 deep and could be recognized by the rainbow of Ralph Lauren labels. By 1989, we grew and had members in the "90'z" (East Flatbush) and East New york. We would get all dressed up just to go out and commit crimes. Sometimes we would go to clubs wearing like 5 different polo shirts each. We would wear one on top of another and switch shirts. All night while walking around the nightclub, your prop status was rated on how much "Lo" you had and how big your heart was.

Theres more http://www.vintagegearaddicts.com/001/lolife1.html