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Warm Side of the Bed: Inspired By Charles Hamilton- Humble Beginnings

edited September 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
Anger could arise
tears could fall
and pain could relapsed
but nothing has the impact
of the embrace of that feeling
within the both of us
side to side
staring at your back as you lay in slumber
i wonder if this is destiny or a mere dream
the feeling seems so intact and emotional
devotional like Sunday service
biblical scriptures with holy elixirs
the softness of your mold
puts me in a different hold
sort of like a river of promise
🤬 's way of telling you to follow him instead of them
it feels so good to wrap my arms even though sleep resentment
push me to the turning point
eyes close and focus on dream land
understanding the time will be forever
but i tend to want every moment
the sweet scent of your hair
tshirt cotton and skin residue
lets me know that you are always you
regardless of dreams of scheming thoughts
anger thats taught from a distant past
to the task thats a blast of lashing out at each other
over simple to pathetic riddles that leaves no pun
whats the fun of holding a grudge
when your side of the bed is what keeps me sleep at night
sane from a frightening sight
and other things that might 🤬 me spiritually and physically
a changed man I become when i succumb to you facing me
sleeping away from reality
while fantasy becomes the only place to be
next to the warm side that you release onto the coldest part of my bed


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