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Essence Rules

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Hi and welcome to The Essence, here you will find information about artists, albums and upcoming releases, as well as debates and recommendations to underground and independent artists. Enjoy what The Essence has to offer and follow these rules:

1) No freeposting.
2) No nudity whatsoever.
3) Personal attacks on other members for whatever reason will not be tolerated.
4) No racism, homophobia, or other prejudice remarks. Habitual breaking of this rule will result in a banning.
5) No spamming whatsoever.
6) No members are to post audio/video to their own recorded music, a sub-forum exists in the Talent Arena under the sub-forum 'Roc Tha Mic' which is there for you to share your talents.
7) No threads promoting artists - this will be viewed as spam. Whilst this is an underground hip hop sub-forum, we are here to discuss artists out of love of their music, not for the benefit of a particular artist with whom, posters are usually affiliated to.
8) No links to other websites, unless they are provided as proof for a given article that has been posted in the thread. Please embed all videos.

This sub-forum is for independent and underground music ONLY, commercial based artists should be discussed in The Reason.

Threads should be created with informative titles that clearly outline the premise of the thread in question, e.g. 'What do you think of Atmosphere's new EP, To All My Friends...?' clearly shows that the thread is for discussion of Atmosphere's new EP. A thread with the title 'EP is nice!' doesn't outline the artist in question and requires members to enter the thread under the premise that an EP, from whatever era, is nice, which is not helpful to the other members. When creating your post for a new thread, include your thoughts, hopes and knowledge on the particular topic. Don't just post 'thoughts?'

Ultimately, the mod has been selected for their vision to return this sub-forum to what it once was - a great place to discuss great independent artists, both old and new. Please help by posting new threads and joining in discussion here. Whilst the rules may seem aplenty, they are there to ensure the sub-forum has topics in abundance with which the fans of underground and independent hip hop, will enjoy discussing.

Most importantly, enjoy The Essence.
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