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Essence Essentials: Playlists Both Old and New + Artist of the Months

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Often, Essence posters have created mixes for other Essence heads to enjoy. Mostly because the underground is slept on and because mixes give posters the opportunity to be exposed to new artists. Sometimes this means posters have selected a particular theme dedicated to a particular country, region, type of music or mixes dedicated to the DJ. Furthermore, I have created a series entitled "Artist of the Month", which will allow posters to discover a new Artist each month. The links to the Artist of the Month series can be found at the bottom of this post.

Here are the more recent mixes provided by Essence heads in our Essence Essentials series:

Essence Essentials / Ruff Draft: Since We Last Spoke
Essence Essentials / Renegade's Weekly Mix Number 2
Essence Essentials / ninja edition
Essence Essentials / Dillas Mix Down
Essence Essentials / Dillas mix II: The Renaissance
Essence Essentials / Ruff Draft Presents... Japanese Joy
Essence Essentials/ RuffDraft: Essencial
Essence Essentials / Ninja Senses: Behind The Music
Essence Essentials/ Ninja Senses: Intermission
Essence Essentials / Ninja Senses: Keep it movin'
Essence Essentials / Dilla: Dill-Jazz
Essence Essentials/Dilla: Dill-Hard
Essence Essentials/Dilla: POWERsoUL
Essence Essentials/Ninja: Booked
Essence Essentials/Dilla: POWERsouL 2
Essence Essentials/Dilla: NoWords
NEWLY ADDED: Essence Essentials/Ruff Draft: Japanese Joy Vol. 2

These mixes were originally provided in our Official Thread.


The Essence Playlist of the Month August 2009
Christmas 2006: Allhiphop: The Essence Vol. 4
The Essence Playlist of the Year 2004
The Essence Playlist of the Year 2010

Artist of the Month:

Artist of the Month: CYNE 'Cultivating Your New Experience'
Artist of the Month: CunninLynguists - A Decade of Genius
Artist of the Month: k-os - Singer, Emcee, Producer & Dreadlocks of Wisdom
Artist of the Month: Jean Grae - The Genius of Jean Grae
Artist of the Month: Kendrick Lamar - Hiii Powered Black Hippy

Playlist of the Month:

The Essence Playlist of the Month February 2011
The Essence Playlist of the Month March 2011