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Here's the background to writing this...

So I'm an Indian hip hop artist in Atlanta and over the last 6 months or so, it seems that every response always comes back as a judgement based on me being Indian. From people saying "Indians can't rap" before they even hear me to industry people seeing an Indian rapper as a dollar sign to people saying I can't do a certain type of hip hop or people sayin my I'm too pop and not underground enough... whatever

I got 🤬 off one day and I wrote this. Let me know what you think:

I'm scizophrenic when I'm sittin laughinin
stuck between a starvin artsit and my cadillac pimpin
Cause I don't know if Im underground or makin hit records
So my topic switches up before I finish up a sentence
And people hear me but they never get my lyrics
So I feel like I'm sittin in my self constructed prison
made outta my own bars cause these labels sell my image
And baby girl my skin is just a gimmick
Like yea he cute he indian he Vijay Raju
But I don't know what you know or what you thinkin I do
But yo I roll wit more soul than the de la crew
Lifes busy I need days off like I'm ferris bulerr
So girl go head an cruise love
But she in love with V throwin hers twos up
But now I hate rap this 🤬 a nuisance
Cause when I go pop the heads labeled me a Judas
yea chasin 30 pieces of silver
My tempers heated the flow is the coldest winter
And I never will forgive ya cause this is what you made me
Tell my hard days through your stereo, call it HD

I put it to Lights Out and here's the audio...

Get at me. Thanks
Vijay Raju


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