What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Marley, get your fraud @ss in here



  • Max.
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    blank.. wrote: »
    Towers if you want I can exterminate that 🤬 with one phone call..

    He wont be a problem no more, you smell me?

    you a 🤬 joke...your prolly white..a clippers fan..you Been losing..make a call you 🤬
  • Max.
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    🤬 bi guy

    No 🤬
  • Dupac
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    blank.. wrote: »
    Zabdiel Judah is honestly one of my top 10 realest 🤬 in the sports game.. no homillz.

    Any 🤬 who shoots dice in public and aint affraid to pull a 🤬 weave out when she tried to steal his cash, is a g.

    🤬 the Tsyzu fight, Zab is a warrior.
    this is all true.. that's y i use his image to restore order in all situations where reallness is threatened.....
    super zab comes to the rescue
  • Max.
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    🤬 flabergasted what to say next
  • Cutler 26 INT's LOL!
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    🤬 caught feelings quick...
  • ReppinTime
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    Fall back lil 🤬
  • Bodhi
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    did Marley ever come in here?
  • Grouchy
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    haute wrote: »
    i just wanna say a few things

    vanessa still got it
    this outfit is hawt
    🤬 PETA

    she still got it alright LOL
  • The Jackal
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    smh @ 🤬 acting like being with 🤬 is something super
  • airafroman
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    You may have some of these younger guys fooled; but I can tell that your "consciousness" was likely the result of one too many failed "relationships."

    I will admit, there are times that your essays are dead-on, but typically you come across as a self righteous perpetrator that is posting from home with her baby on her lap.

    Couple questions: What is your highest level of formal education? And I dont mean the books you pick up of off 125th written by a 🤬 who lives on 126th. I mean schooling. Im guessing GED.

    2nd: If you know soooooooooooooooooooooooo much about relationships, why are you a single mom?

    Lemme guess, all this knowledge hit you after the fact, right?

    Im not perfect but I dont act better than anyone else.

    she neva said she was perfect ...you assumed she was perfect....

    2nd look at ya 🤬 azz eager 2 flaunt how much lies you know...

    but on the flipside, i was just thinking's the same exact thing....that chick is an alias...AIN'T NO WAY she act like that in real life......

    but on the flip side she do spit real 🤬 so the speculations don't really matter...
  • airafroman
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    she sits on no throne. only a computer chair of self-delusion.

    somebody got they feelinz hurt....a niggger drapin an american flag...
  • Gold_Certificate
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    blank.. wrote: »
    Swear on my life that 🤬 Marly is abroginal.
    More proof that blanks an australian.

  • BelovedAfeni
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  • a.mann
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    had no ideal it was THIS many threads calling her out....

    Marley actually needs commendation for surviving as long as she has
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