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parent (s) in prison?

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With 2.3 million behind bars so many of us have fathers who are behind bars...we have lost touch with some of them and others we are trying to stay in touch with....the "myth" of prison that is presented by the music and even the "lifestyle" is so far from the truth...

download this album and send your comments- esp "we need our life back" from NYC


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    prison use to strip you of your identity. They wanted you out of your element where they can take advantage(rehabilitate?) of you. It's quite the opposite now. There has to be something done, because obviously freedom is not enough. Maybe take away the remote for the T.V? I know that's harsh, but something has to make prison sound like not the place to be

    got these kids wanting a bid as if it's some type of accomplishment like they are graduating from college
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