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when a dude shakes his 🤬 at you

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aight this be the new thing that be happenin in my city, when we drive by hoes at night instead of moonin them we pull our 🤬 out and shake them at hoes

this is basically the best ice breaker possible. i bet they 🤬 get wet immediately just like i get hard when a girl show me her cooch. she gunn' remember my 🤬 , prolly be thinking of it all night fantasizin n 🤬 . so then i make sure i frequent the same area the next few days and bump into the same girl i shook my 🤬 at, and she be like "oh i remember you from somewhere" but she cant quite put a finger on it, meanwhile i was da 🤬 she was 🤬 herself to the night before

so my question is, has this phenemenon spread to your city yet and if so what goes through ur head when a dude shake his 🤬 at you