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Superman cena vs real ni99a barret

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If John Cena wins, Nexus most dissolve. If Wade Barrett wins, Cena has to join the Nexus.

Over the past several months, the courageous John Cena has led the charge on Raw against The Nexus, but when he collides with Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell, he just might end the vicious rebels’ reign of terror for good.

If Cena defeats Barrett in this high-stakes encounter, the group must disband. However, if Cena loses, the WWE Universe might be seeing Cena swap his signature purple-and-gold apparel for the ominous yellow-and-black garb of The Nexus when he is forced to join them as their newest member.

Determined to make a statement when they emerged on Monday Night Raw in June, the ravenous season one NXT Rookies set their sights on Cena, the then-WWE Champion. The Nexus cost Cena the title later that month as they widened their destructive scope to include other Raw Superstars, WWE Hall of Famers and even The Chairman, Mr. McMahon.

But Cena was resilient, assembling a squad of Raw Superstars under the “Team WWE” banner to challenge The Nexus at SummerSlam in an epic battle that saw Cena lead his team to victory. Since that crushing defeat, the “seven deadly sinners” have been reduced to five: Darren Young was deemed unworthy and exiled from the group, while powerhouse Skip Sheffield has been sidelined due to injury.

One night after the rogues again cost the Legendary star the WWE Title at Night of Champions, an irate Cena challenged Barrett to a one-on-one contest to settle their score once and for all. Pondering Cena’s words, Barrett suggested that they face one another at Hell in a Cell, proposing that if he wins, Cena – who had previously shot down Barrett's offer to join The Nexus – would be forced to join the group. Cena agreed, offering a counter-stipulation of his own: If the multi-time WWE Champion bests Barrett in Dallas, The Nexus is no more. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Can Cena forever silence The Nexus? Or will he reluctantly join their ranks as they continue to cut a swath of destruction through WWE? To find out, tune in to Hell in a Cell, Oct. 3, only on pay-per-view.
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