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Women. Allow Me To Give You Some Tips On What To Do Before I Get To Your Spot....

mr. blackpowerman
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i think the ladies on this board can agree with me( a man) when i tell everyone what a woman must do before i run through her crib, guts, soul, mind and life.

1) wash your ass, armpits 🤬 of ass, neck, bottom of your 🤬 feet, mouth & hair.
2) wash it again and put your fingers in your 🤬 and clean it out. smell comes from the inside most of the time not the outside. once most body fluids hit air they start to form bacteria which causes odor, a by product of bacteria waste.
3) add no form of pefurm or lotion to your body. i hate tasting chemicals, i can deal with sweat somewhat.
4)turn on your air conditioner for the episode. i understand you can't aford the gase and light bill but allow me to be comfortable while i am there.
5) do have your bathroom clean, no tampons, pads or adhesive paper from said products in the garbage. if i see a 🤬 /pad you have just wasted my time and i will make up an excuse to get my ass from someone else in a minute. it just won't be your turn today.
6)at least have bottled water if not fresh juice or wine. natures necture is the best stuff on earth so why not treat me to the best?
7) room must not be messy, dark, dank, odor laden with spray in the air junk.
8) i would prefere you not cook. i hate getting bubbleguts while mashing up your guts.
9) i am always down for a shower when i get there even though you know i take great pride in being fresh.
10) you must understand the first nut is special. it takes the edge off and allows us to give you the greatest 🤬 , deepest 🤬 , 🤬 slapping, 🤬 talking ever so suck us off first while we are sipping a drink that you brought us.
11) after you suck us off just be quiet for a few minutes and allow us to enable our bodies and mind to prepare for the finest 🤬 of your life.
12) limited talking is most likely a must after crazy sex. let us sleep. no radio, tv, loud cell phone talking. i know i am in YOUR home but for a minute treat me like a hotel guest.
13)always see me out to the street like i would you.

i hope i covered all the things a woman must/should do before i roll in.

Fellas. Feel free to add on. Ladies? Any requirments of your own????