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Any daedelus fans out there? New release out...

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Its called daedelus & teebs - LA series #6. I love daedelus' mellowed out downtempo hiphop style. Reminds me of some really chilled out primo or something. Never heard of teebs but from what i've heard on this so far im likin his style too.

Heres a description of the release:
Another supremely diverse and deadly 10" straight outta LA, this time pairing Daedelus and Teebs. With the super high quality levels of the series so far, we wouldn't expect anything less than top class from Daedelus and he delivers in style. His is a six-track mini suite of endearing sketches, rolling from a toxic wonky jungle spillage in 'Fates Say' to golden era hiphop beat-works on 'Old Hearts' and breezy, mutant Tropicalia in 'Vous êtes Stéréo'. Teebs (of Teebs & Jackhigh) is in equally charming and freeform mode on the flip, roaming from Hawaiian steel guitar psych-out, Fly Lo style, in 'Archipelago' to complex breakbeat tumbles and sparkling keys in ' Flower Drum Song', pulsing 4/4 rhythms in 'Anchor Steam' and the vividly trippy compression treatments of 'Untitled 4'.

Here's a track im diggin straight from this 10"


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    That is a solid track Ninja, I'm liking it :tu

    Seems to be a lot of talent coming out of LA that is fresh, from Fashawn to Kendrick Lamar and co. it's good to see (and hear!)

    I like the intro to the track and how it's laid back... but the beat is nice and definitely hits. Video is cool too.

    Props on the drop!