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The self doesn't exist!

The_AfricanThe_African Posts: 174
edited September 2010 in The Social Lounge
It feels so strongly that there is a permanent, central observer in 'my' brain with a constant identity but there isn't. There are 100 billion separate neurons in 'my' brain and none of them is 'me'. Each of these neurons is made up of molecules that are made up of atoms that are replaced frequently (every few months, according to V.S Ramachandran). There is no way that I could possibly be the same entity (ie. arrangement of sub-atomic particles) that I was 10 years ago. Some of the atoms in my body are probably the same as they were 10 years ago but only because they've been recycled, at one point (or two, three etc.), they were also replaced. There is no actual 'The African', there are just a bunch of sub-atomic particles that experience the illusion of being 'The African'. It's only a matter of time before an entirely new community of atoms experience the illusion of being 'The African' and the atoms I'm currently comprised of are recycled into other things. It's entirely possible, not even unlikely, that any of the atoms that any of my neurons are comprised of will replace or be replaced by any of the atoms that any of 'your' neurons are comprised of.

This is such a beautiful and fascinating fact to me. It makes me feel connected to nature as a whole. I don't feel empathy for most human beings but I admit that it's inconsistent for me not to. If you were to take this to it's logical conclusion, you should feel empathy for everybody, since there is no separate, single 'you' that can be considered as having separate interests from anyone else. Any of the particles you're made up of could end up experiencing the illusion of being Bill Gates or a starving, orphaned child. This completely destroys the validity of ethical egoism. Logically, we should be doing everything we can to minimize as much suffering as possible and increase as much happiness as possible.


  • SkeratchSkeratch Posts: 1,395 ✭✭
    edited September 2010
    I would like to thank the sub-atomic particles that just got together to post this thread. Unfortunately, they no longer exist in the state that they posted from so it's impossible.

    I think this idea is interesting but it hinges on the idea that identity rests on an unchanging physical being. There are certain constants of self that, although they change do stay relatively constant, - memory, physical appearance, relationship with the outside world.
  • anthony7qanthony7q Posts: 782
    edited September 2010
    The question of re-incarnation has been misrepresented by modern people, so much so that it has led to a great deal of misunderstanding. The misunderstanding arises due to a lack of knowledge about the different types of ancestral memories, or what modern people call collective memory.
    There are two types of ancestral memories. One is biological, and is handed down from generation to generation. The other is spiritual ancestral memory and does not depend on genes. This latter type of ancestral memory is the true basis for re-incarnation, and I'll describe it last.
    First I'll describe the former kind, which is biologically-based ancestral memory. This is the type of 're-incarnation' that has been described in most new-age books. It is a false concept of re-incarnation. What it is is simply genetic memory of a person's ancestors. Every living person has in his DNA the genetic code of all his/her ancestors. The body's DNA is a recording mechanism that stores all of a person's life experiences. That is how ancestral memories are physically passed from generation to generation. The strands of DNA that pass from parents to child have a wide spectrum of frequencies, somewhat like the frequencies of sound or light. When a person is born, a particular segment of the DNA spectrum stands out as the strongest, and is unique to every person. So there is a 'fine tuning' of the DNA frequencies that result in every person having a unique type of body. Obviously siblings will have DNA frequencies that are very close in the entire spectrum of what they receive from their parents, and identical twins even closer.
    During the life of a person, it may happen that certain incidents will cause his/her DNA frequency to 'tune out' of its normal state or frequency within the spectrum. Each frequency is a recording of the life experiences of that person’s ancestors. When this happens - and it usually can be accessed under trance or hypnosis - then the person re-lives the life of that particular ancestor. The misunderstanding comes when the person identifies that life as his/her own, instead of recognizing it as part of the wide spectrum of ancestral genetic memories. And so the modern person under trance mistakenly believes that he/she is re-living a past incarnation. This remembrance, caused by genetic memory, is what modern people call re-incarnation. This is a false concept of re-incarnation.
    True re-incarnation is spiritual and does not depend on genetic memory. It depends on eternal ancestral memory, or what we call the mind of God.
    I'll mention at the onset that the light race people do not have the mind of God in them. Many Black people may be surprised by this statement, but that's because we have lost the knowledge of who God really is.
    At the beginning of every new universe, there is only one earth, the first earth. It sits alone in infinite space, and is inhabited by one billion eight million original people. They are eternal people, the first Gods, who come from a recently completed universe. They descend upon the first earth in one billion eight million Black bodies, whose Blackness comes from the ether that surrounds the first earth. As I've described in an earlier post, ether, or space, is pure Blackness. The Gods take The Blackness of the ether as their skin color, because from this Blackness they can create every color of every living thing since the Black color contains all other colors in itself. It lives physically in the body in the dominant Black gene, which is the source of what modern people call melanin.
    The dominant Black gene is what in ancient scriptures is called the throne of God. The body is called the temple of God, and the Black gene is the throne upon which God is 'seated'. Without the dominant Black gene, there is no throne upon which God can 'sit'. In other words, God uses the Black gene as the source for the creation of all living things. It is the seat of the 144,000 aspects of God's goodness, or morality. It is the central point from which the original prototypes of life are created, each one taking its form according to each aspect of God's pure character, and each one also taking its coloring from the infinitude of colors contained in the Black germ.
    Therefore simply put, without the Black germ God cannot incarnate in a human body. He/she would be impotent, unable to create life or to give form and color to the universe.
    All the non-Black people on earth were made from Black people. They were made not in the same way that animals and plants were created - i.e. by giving form and color - but rather, they were made by removing color from their original Black ancestors. The way the original ancestors removed color from themselves was by suppressing their own dominant Black gene. Every Black person has a dominant Black gene and a recessive light gene. When the Black gene is accidentally suppressed, then the light gene comes to the fore, and the child born to such parents is an albino. Now, a Black albino still has the Black gene, the seat of God, but it's suppressed at conception. It's possible to create even from a suppressed Black gene, but the albino would have to undergo extensive rituals of initiation to bring the suppressed germ back to the forefront, much more so than is ordinarily the case.
    The light-skinned races are different than Black albinos in that in them the Black gene is completely absent. It takes exactly seven generations of deliberate breeding to completely breed out the dominant Black gene. That is how the first race of light-skinned people was made 6,000 years ago. From the first race (Hispanic/Latin/Greek people) was made the second race (Semitics, i.e. Arabs, Jews etc). From them was made the yellow race and from the yellow race was made the white race. All these races of non-Blacks no longer have the Black gene in them. This is the reason why no light race parents can ever give birth to a Black baby).
    Because of the absence of the Black gene, there is no throne in their temple (body) upon which God can be seated. Therefore God incarnates only in Black people.
    Any Black person who feels even the slightest degree of discomfort when reading the above statement, should know that this is caused by sympathy due to a lack of knowledge. If all Black people on earth regained the true knowledge of who God is and who the devil is, they would immediately lose all sympathy for the light-skinned races. The billion eight million original Gods are the ones who incarnate on earth every time a Black baby is born. They incarnate again and again, endlessly. Their incarnation is not determined by biological lineage. It is pre-ordained by them in eternity long before they're born. The repeated incarnation of the b8m original Gods is the true form of re-incarnation. Every Black person alive on earth today is an incarnation of one of the b8m original Gods. We have incarnated time and again since the beginning of the universe.
    Not only do we incarnate on earth, but we also simultaneously incarnate on other earths throughout the universe. God, the Black person, is not restricted to one location. Our incarnations transcend both time and space. At the conclusion of the universe, when every earth that can be inhabited will be inhabited, there will be over 125 billion trillion trillion inhabited earths in the universe, each one having a population of one billion eight million Black people; all of whom are the incarnated personalities of the b8m original people - that is you and me and every Black person on earth.

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