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Exclusive interview with Antoine Dodson on Eddie Long!

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The following transcript is from an AIM convo with Antoine Dodson. Recorded on September 30, 2010. Convo #113. Please contact Antoine Dodson for permission to reproduce this transcript.


shadb202: We have an exclusive with Antoine. Now Mr. Dodson what do you have to say about the Bishops current legal situation?
Antoine: Welps, obviously we have a 🤬 in NEW BIRTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, he's climbing through your window, s

shadb202: Okay okay lol now Antoine can you describe Bishop Eddie Long for us?
Antoine: He bout 5'9/5'10, coffee complexion, he had like a low cut, ceasar, wit some little waves clean cut very smooth face

shadb202: okay that's all the time we have...lol I can't type no more..


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