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I Lied - By Tupacfan

TupacfanTupacfan Members, Moderators Posts: 2,428 Regulator
edited October 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
I typed this 🤬 for the 5th time!!

I lied

When I said "I'm good, everything okay" I lied.
All the smiles, the laughters, was a mask of lies.
From hiding all the late night cries.
I've been driving for miles, not knowing where I'm going,
maybe searching for roads end, but the road never ended,
now that's not a lie.
Yet, I'm stuck in bed, in a Hotel,
somewhere in the deserts of New Mexico,
drenched in depression,
YES, that too is my confession!
I'm now tired of these same ol' lies,
for the sky is blue today,
maybe dark and gray tomarrow,
I know my feelings are all to disray,
and that's not a lie. I lied, for I don't need anyones pity,
Cause my feelings reached empty,
even the gas tank sits on empty.
I don't need empathy,
for I'm tired of hearing everyones symapthy,
I've once endured these feelings of apathy..
That's not a lie....

To be continued................

2pacfan 10/17/2010
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