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Why is George Clooney in the Sudan...

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and no black actors, athletes and entertainers aren't. I can't say 100% for sure that no black folks are over there helping the cause but I never hear them talk about it or show some love to the cause or any cause for that matter. And even Barack Obama is Bush like in his response which is a dam down right sham.


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    I'm pretty sure Don Cheadle have spoken out about the situation in Sudan. Despite Obama being President the political situation for Blacks is still dicey. IMO. Most fear speaking out because they're afraid they will be blackballed.

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    Same reason you havent saved up enough money to get there and volunteer for whatever missionary group that is likely there.

    You give enough of a 🤬 to talk about it. But youd ont give enough of a 🤬 to put your money where your phony indignation is.
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    Because the black entertainer while not as vocal or caring as his historical counterpart is a little smarter. They are a little bit more educated about certain things. They don't want to be used like Joe Louis to promote some 🤬 under the guise of helping people. They know the white people pushing this don't give a 🤬 about the Sudan. How the hell you gonna help stop conflict between black people thousand a miles away and right in your backyard you got conflict you wont try to quell?

    They found oil reserves in the Sudan that they estimate are larger than Saudi Arabia reserves. Neither the north or the south is capable of handling that amount of production. So the US, China, and Russia are all positioning themselves to be able have access to it. The US is geographically and diplomatically in the worst position since Slick Willie bombed the pharmaceutical plant there. So they want to put a handsome face on their "noble" cause to generate public support. Clooney probably doesn't know he is being used.

    Probably close to 5 million people have died in the Congo over the past 2 and half decades due to the internal conflicts caused by the diamond trade and you hardly hear a peep. Why? Because white people control the diamond trade. They don't care if 🤬 off each other.

    China and the US tensions are going to escalate because of this.
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    And for the record, a broad coalition of Black media people, religious leaders and political scientists have been going over there periodically for years, meeting with both sides trying to make headway. You won't hear about it in the mainstream media because it does not serve their interest.

    They will real close to brokering a deal to end the civil war between John Garang and the SLPA and Omar Bashir and the Gov't before Garang died in you guessed it a helicopter crash.