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Is it true that everyone and I mean everyone in cali smokes marijuana?

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A cousin of mine just moved down here about a month ago he had been living in cali his entire life. We start talking about Prop 19, and he started talking about how everyone and he means everyone is a smoker in cali, its there culture. He just said that the amout of usage differed but everyone did it. Why is it that Cali is like that but no other state in America is known for that same type of culture like Cali. He stopped smoking like 6 years ago and even when he did it was only like a couple times a week, but he said the one thing he was turned off by was the fact that the women were alot of time bigger weedheads than the mean. He started laughing and he said it was something wrong with a woman who smoked all day everyday, plus add on the fact of being a big drinker, def. not wifey material
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