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Night Enlighten - For Tupacfan

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Wanted to share this speical poem with ya'll, written year's ago for me by my first love.. I finally got access to his poems after his departure upon this earth and it gives me peace today and everyday..

Night Enlighten

The song of the nightingale echoed between the mighty trees of the forest. Pronouncing the coming of the Moon and his mystics.
The Sun did her job for the day laying her warm blanket over the surface. Working together with Mother Earth’s fertility and helping her in our future children’s growth.

Now the Moon will shine his soft white rays over every leaf and every wrinkly wave on the River causing all kinds of light sparks. The distant stars help the Moon perform his hypnotic light show.
Mother Earth told one of her daughters ‘’Tonight will be a special night for you ,my seed. As of tonight you will take the shape as a two legged human, your Feline trades will remain in your character and seen in your eyes. And you will set an example of love & strength on your other sisters behalf.

But remain aware of your counterpart. The Canine will try to distract you from your goal and even some from your own Feline sisterhood will act in the way of the Serpent out of jealousy. Jealousy and envy because you been given this gift. A golden heart . You have proven your more than worthy for carrying it. At Dawn you may make your choice ,which life will suit you the most’’.
The Jaguar named May walks towards the highest rock near the river. The Moon shines bright tonight putting May in spotlight as if she is going to perform while she stands on top of the colossal rock.

She gives the forest and his inhabitants one possible last roar. The ground trembles and the shiny light sparks reflecting emerge from the water surrounds her until they merge with her beautifully furry skin.
A sight blinding aura embraces the silhouette of her strong animal physic and while the transformation continues more features of a woman begin to manifest.

Her fur centers to the top of her head growing in beautiful silky long dark hair. Her face shows breath taking structure of finesse. Cat like eyes and full lips sweet like fruit. The reddest strawberries and the juiciest mangos. Her paws turn in the smoothest well shaped legs and prettiest hands. The perfect example of a beautiful young woman further graces the forests to a ecstatic height. Clouds are starting to move in towards each other. A warm breeze lifts a hair curl on her cheek . It announces that her favorite form of weather is visiting so it could bless her with his cleansing pureness. Lightning strikes through the opening the clouds and the raindrops shower her gorgeous caramel skin with the tears of joy from Mother Earth. She dances slowly while the warm rainwater strokes down her mesmerizing feminine curves. After the sudden rain burst the Moon slowly shows his face again. May poses fierce and stares with her almond shaped eyes towards him. She is ready.

By: Raquan Sean Jackson 1/2002


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    wow..this was an amazing concept!! definitely feelin this one.
  • TupacfanTupacfan Members, Moderators Posts: 2,428 Regulator
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    wow..this was an amazing concept!! definitely feelin this one.

    I know right! I miss his poetry, his performances for me, I miss everything.. One of thee last poems he's written for me, lil did we both know 2 weeks after writing and performing this for me his life was taken :(

    But I loooove this jawn! So I had to share it with ya'll.

    Thanks for reading this btw :) and commenting..
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