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Spot Da Dope

kr4zy Members Posts: 1
edited November 2010 in Roc Tha Mic
i can't rap i can't rap
i sound like 🤬
better shut my trap
oh snap, on Saw they got traps
my fat ass cousin
sat on my lap
this broke down 🤬 mighta gave me the clap
put my hands around that loose 🤬 throat
apply a little pressure then the 🤬 start to choke
threw her to the floor then stole her coat
dug in the pockets and found some dope
dope is cool dope is fun, but dope ain't no fun like my gun
so i pulled out the glock
i pulled out the glock,
bang bang

at the door, oh 🤬 it's the cops!

i gotta stop i gotta stop,
wanna hear more more, check out the dope spot!



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