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Deflation (Rick Ross diss) by Dzaster

dzaster26dzaster26 Posts: 15
edited December 2010 in Roc Tha Mic
"I think you are a rap leech. Yeah, you suck like a hoover. Better push it to the left, before I have to move ya. I seen that fat ass belly of yours all tatted up. And if I see that fuckin' pic again I think I'll have to *Gag, Gag* Throw up all over your own track. Cause your own shit was beyond wack. Ill rap circles around that fat ass belly like you're a drive thru. Just let me order first. I know you want everything on the menu.

Ether you now I must. Leave you in the dust. Came to kidnap the game and fuckin' tie it up. In a sack. Don't mistake me boy. This is lyrical attack! I'm tired of holding back. Leave you sweatin' like a nut sack and I'm not even black. I hope you try to come back. It will be all too easy to buck you back.

You claim to be a coke pushing dude who knows how to cook crack. How the fuck am I supposed to be afraid of that? You claim to be fat. A big motherfucker. I'll give you that. But compare you to BIG? No. You're just another fat motherfucker.

FACE IT You stole your whole floss from the real Ricky Ross. Got your Maybach from Jay. You're so full of shit that you probably eat hay. Even had to grow out a beard so you wouldn't look so fuckin' gay. I hear you rap and SMH at everything that you say. How you gonna be a CO but say you pushed Yay?

If Jay had to get off the boat to walk on water, it was probably to save your fat ass cause it was sinking to the bottom. And you thought you could sit back and laugh like "Ha, ha I got 'em" Talkin' about how you take people out the game knowing good and well you never shot 'em. And we both know deep down that you're into Sodom. Me? I'm strictly into getting girls, dropping pearls, and saving the world. I bet your dick looks like a starving skint squirrel. But you wouldn't know cause your fat ass never gives that elliptical a whirl. I'm here to sick the dogs and end your world. Its kinda sad. I guess Ja Rule said it best. You're just a lost little girl.

So peace out with a shout out. To all my true gangstas, Thank ya. When I come with a diss, I drop names. Not subliminal. I'm coming at you like a smooth criminal. A natural Dzaster. Money over bitches. That's what I'm after."


  • joshregojoshrego Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    Deflation has been a hot topic since around 2001 and the fear of deflation is not going to calm soon. Deflation usually occurs when the supply of goods rises faster than money supply. Deflation has often had the side effect of increasing unemployment in an economy,This process often leads to a lower level of demand in the economy.
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