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Poetic Murder - *Leaving All Behind* ft. Pete Lee (Happy Thanksgiving Break!)

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feedback much appreciated! happy turkey day.. peace & respect Allhiphop!

*Lyrics* [Verse 1: Pete Lee]
Do i have to blow my mind just to leave it all behind?/
Sick and tired of this grind like i'll never get signed/
Hit rewind help me find where my vision went blind/
For love is patient love is kind but not every scar heals with time/
It's heavenly divine, though even 🤬 can't change the past/
So i blast and live fast for in a flash i might crash/
As we dash and ash away pray to see a better day/
And reminisce cause i miss those who were lost along the way/
But i'ma slay all my demons and i'm beaming with new meaning in/
Believing that the reason for me breathing is to heal and/
This life ain't just for dreaming but achieving/
Like yo mother screaming while conceiving, i'm alive when i'm bleeding/
Like a late summer's evening, underneath a crimson ceiling (sunset)/
Revealing the fire in your eyes and it's stealing/
This moment from our lives, the light from burning skies/
You're my blessing in disguise as we say our last goodbyes/
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